Ikris Pharma's Vital Role in Third-Party Manufacturing for Quality and Compliance

Third-party pharma manufacturing facilitates a bridge between the manufacturer and the organization/ hospitals in need of a product with standard quality. Generally, third-party manufacturing is a process of manufacturing medicines and products from other parties. In this process, signing an agreement is done between the company and the manufacturing company, and the manufacturing company manufactures the products as per the contract. So the third-party manufacturing pharma process is also known as contract manufacturing.

Numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers use this facility for outsourcing manufactured pharmaceutical products. Third-party manufacturing pharma companies ease the job of manufacturers by providing brand new audiences.
The pharmaceutical supply chain starts with the supply of active ingredients. It continues through various stages of dose form manufacture, packaging, and testing before transporting goods to a distribution centre. Some key factors now challenge the traditional pharmaceutical company model conducting a large proportion of activities in-house. To ensure the security of supply, the need for specialist capabilities, in-licensing, product lifecycle management, market access, and cost optimization are some factors that need third party involvement. The involvement of third parties is not only limited to manufacturing and packaging. Product development, specialized processing, such as radiation sterilization, testing, logistics, and medicine transportation at appropriate temperatures, are examples of supply chain elements that have increasingly become business for third-party outsourcing.

The third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in India sought the inflated demand for pharma products more after the pandemic outbreak in 2020. According to the facts and figures, there is an exponential boom in this industry. And it grew from USD 934.8 billion in 2017 to USD 1.17 trillion in 2021. Better healthcare is becoming a priority for everyone; people are becoming conscious of their health, especially after the Covid crisis.

Significant role of Ikris Pharma in third-party manufacturing

Ikris Pharma Network is one of India’s top third-party pharma manufacturers, providing facilities like third-party pharma manufacturing services to pharmaceutical organizations/hospitals. Ikris helps in such access only according to the rules and regulations of the country. The list of perks of third party manufacturing with Ikris:

  1. Ikris Pharma Connects buyer with the manufacturing Companies. We have more than hundred manufacturing companies in our Network
  2. Ikris Pharma selects Manufacturing company as per requirement of the buyer
  3. Ikris Pharma is run by professionals who have worked in this industry for many years.
  4. Ikris provides the product with the best quality.
  5. There is 100% transparency in the whole process
  6. Ikris has been exporting and supplying products globally for more than 7 years.
  7. Ikris works as a partner pharmaceutical with a vast number of manufacturers.
  8. India is known for the best quality generic medicines in the world. And there are more than 10500 manufacturing companies in India. USFDA approves more than 600 manufacturing plants.

Ikris Pharma works as a third party manufacturer for pharmaceutical products in a stepwise manner:

  1. The 1st step is to understand the required regulatory documents like COA, GMP, COPP, FSC, etc. from the buyer / client.
  2. Shortlisting of manufacturers based on the requirement.
  3. Take consent of the buyer
  4. Offer quote to the buyer along with timelines
  5. Finalisation and art work (a printing matter, which is placed on pharmaceutical product’s packing material as label, carton, leaflet etc)
  6. Supply of the product in appropriate condition ( temperature etc) along with required documents.



Team Ikris