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Best Clinical Trial Sourcing: Ikris pharma Network

  • February 20, 2023
  • < 1 min read

With increasing demands for numerous treatments for rare, new, and chronic diseases, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry looks forward to developing innovative drugs and generic versions of the innovator drugs. Drug developers prepare for clinical trials to fill this demand and supply void within a reasonable cost.

Clinical trials are a key research tool for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Clinical research is done when doctors do not know whether a new approach works well in people and is safe and which treatments or strategies work best for certain illnesses or groups.

Clinical trials play a crucial part in developing new therapeutics and vaccines, allowing drug manufacturers to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new medicines in a controlled manner.

Through our Clinical Trial Sourcing services, Ikris Pharma Network (IPN) supports biopharmaceutical research and development efforts globally. IPN excels in procuring and delivering a wide range of pharmaceuticals and ancillary clinical supplies for clinical trial and drug development programs.

As the complexity of clinical trials increases, trial sponsors must form strategic relationships to ensure a reliable supply of all needed clinical trial materials, including sourcing RLDs.

Ikris Pharma is committed to the sourcing and supply of commercial medicines across all therapeutic areas. Our highly skilled and dedicated account managers are experts in offering reliable market information and an in-depth understanding of the clinical trial landscape and helping manage sourcing requests to stay ahead of sponsors’ requirements proactively.

IPN specializes in sourcing Reference Listed Drugs/ Innovator samples from across the globe, including India, the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Latin America.