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Clinical trial sourcing: Pharmaceutical industry

  • May 21, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Clinical trial sourcing is a sourcing approach in which the comparative product is purchased in a single nation and used in the same country for a clinical experiment. The product avoids import and export fees and regulations, which can help to shorten the clinical trial supply chain and save money.

For sponsors, identifying and certifying a large enough sourcing network to suit the objectives of a global trial might be relatively inexpensive. As a result, many clinical trial project teams require additional, specialized sourcing assistance, especially when working in emerging areas. Many companies choose to outsource their procurement efforts to a partner with more insight and expertise. Adding this new link to the supply chain might increase risk; therefore, selecting a trustworthy partner is critical. A good partner will collaborate with the sponsor from the beginning of the project to develop a solid sourcing strategy with contingency plans in place to ensure supply chain integrity, minimize the risk of supply chain disruption, and, most importantly, provide continuity of treatment for patients enrolled in the trial.

When a local sourcing strategy is implemented, reference-listed drug sourcing partners work directly with manufacturers in the trial nation to obtain products in the appropriate amount and with a sufficient expiry for the duration of the study. In comparison to sourcing from the open market and dealing with supply availability, the product can be transported directly to the trial site, depot, or patient, depending on the supplier’s relationship with the manufacturer.

Sourcing drugs and ancillaries for clinical trials is a time-consuming and difficult process for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, but it is critical to completing a trial on schedule and under budget.

For pharmaceutical and biotech businesses, sourcing drugs and ancillaries for clinical trials is a time-consuming and complex procedure that is critical to running a trial on schedule and within budget. The complexity increases when there are different needs for batch numbers, presentations, languages, and delivery sites. It is critical to be able to rely on a single partner to optimize their sourcing strategy.

Ikris Pharma Network collaborates with study sponsors to conduct complete market analyses that identify appropriate comparator items, co-medications, and supplementary supplies for clinical studies. Ikris Pharma Network can then create a cost-effective worldwide sourcing strategy that reduces waste and helps ensure trial timeframes are reached by leveraging its global network of manufacturer contacts, exclusive agreements, and audited third-party wholesalers and distributors.