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Contract label vs private label manufacturing: Pharmaceutical industry

  • April 12, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Manufacturing is a major part of any pharmaceutical industry in order to obtain a new product. The main objective of pharmaceutical manufacturing is to supply a continuous API of consistent quality. The API process comprises a series of stages: chemical transformations or purifications that may require isolated or nonisolated intermediates. Sometimes it is impossible for an industry to set up a whole manufacturing unit to make its products. In that case, the Pharma companies opt for outsourcing products under their name with the help of contract and private label Manufacturing to provide the facilities, equipment, and labor force in order to carry out more cost-effective production.

So what are a contract and private label manufacturing?

Contract label manufacturing is basically outsourcing the manufacturing or production process to another company. The owner company clears the product specification along with specific units of the products to be made. The contract manufacturer completes the requirement asked by the owner company and has no say in changing the specification of the products, which means that Contract Manufacturing can simply process the execution as asked. The Contract manufacturers are responsible for everything, starting from picking the purest ingredients, packaging, etc. The services of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies are not limited to manufacturing only. They provide a range of services, including Drug Stability studies, Manufacturing, the Development of compliance documents as per FDA regulatory requirements, Developing late-stage clinical trial material, Providing scale and registration batches and Pre formulation. 

Private label manufacturing means that the products are made by one pharmaceutical industry but are marketed under another company’s label. Here, the manufacturing units have control over the products like specification, quality, etc., which means that the manufacturer is the owner of the product, and the company that is seeking the product only sells it under its name. These products generally provide more profit to the store. When a company opts for the private label route, it removes a lot of input you get in the final product and shortens the product development cycle. Usually, companies focused on other parts of the business get the maximum benefits from private labeling by decreasing time, cost, and expertise in minimum-order quantities.

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  • Building complete indication-wise portfolios, e.g. if you require a portfolio for Transplant, Ikris Pharma will provide all transplants-related medicines. This includes Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate, Azathioprine Sirolimus, etc.
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