Covid 19

Covid 19 Cases rising again?

  • April 14, 2023
  • 1 min read

There is a rapid surge in the number of covid 19 patients in India as well as the World. Based on a news article published in The Hindu on April 12, 7,830 new cases were reported in 24 hours, according to the Union Health Ministry’s data, possibly the highest in over 200 days. There are over 40,000 active cases in the country as of date. A lineage of the Omicron virus called XBB.1.16 is said to be behind the current rapid proliferation of cases in the country.

In the realm of the Healthcare sector, Covid 19 strains have become a long battle against which we cannot take a sigh of relief. In the meantime, the Indian Medical Association asked citizens not to panic after the country witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases and advised the people to maintain hygiene. “COVID-related deaths are mostly reported in people above the age of 60, and those with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, etc., the statement said,” said the Indian Medical Association as published in Economics Times Healthworld.

The states and UTs were advised to impose strict COVID measures, including the usage of masks in public, especially for vulnerable populations. According to the Union Health Ministry, they were also requested to increase the rate of RT-PCR testing expeditiously.

According to leading epidemiologists and virologists, people with symptoms like fever, headache, body ache, cough, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, and breathlessness should get tested for corona.”

From our prior experiences, we should all be cautious and practice hygiene to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Coronavirus infection. On a personal level, everyone should do hand washing, hygiene, masking, and reach the hospital early, particularly senior citizens and persons with co-morbidities. As governments prepare themselves, strengthening health systems, individuals should also be prudent in taking adequate precautions.