• Generic Brand Name - Endoxan N 500mg
  • API - Cyclophosphamide
  • Packaging - Single Vial
  • Strength - 500mg
  • Manufacturer Name - Zydus Cadila

What is Cyclophosphamide and what it is used for:

Cyclophosphamide is also known as cytophosphane is used as chemotherapy (used in lymphoma, multiple myeloma, leukemia, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, small cell lung cancer, neuroblastoma, and sarcoma), It is also used as an immune suppressor.

Cyclophosphamide Dosage

The recommended cyclophosphamide dose should be administered by injection into a vein, at the same time every day. Your doctor will determine what dose is appropriate and how often you require to take it.

Cyclophosphamide side effects

Most common adverse reactions include fever, neutropenia, alopecia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and febrile neutropenia.

Warnings And Precautions
  • Patients with cyclophosphamide uses should be monitored for signs and symptoms of pulmonary toxicity.
  • The use of cyclophosphamide should be avoided in patients with urinary outflow obstruction.
  • Patients with cyclophosphamide 500 mg injection should be checked regularly for urinary sediment for the presence of erythrocytes and other signs of nephrotoxicity.
  • Patients with Endoxan N should be monitored for the complete blood counts during treatment so that the dose can be adjusted if required.
  • Pregnancy needs to be avoided during cyclophosphamide injection 500 mg therapy because of the risk of fetal harm.
  • Nursing should be discontinued prior to initiating cyclophosphamide 500 mg treatment.
How Supplied/Storage and Handling:

Care should be exercised in the handling of CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE. CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE Injections should not be opened or broken. Vials should be stored at or below 25°C (77°F).

Drug interaction of cyclophosphamide
  • Metabolism rate and the leukopenic activity of the cyclophosphamide reportedly are increased by chronic administration of increased doses of phenobarbital.
  • The health specialist should be alert for possible combined drug actions, desirable/undesirable, involving cyclophosphamide even though cyclophosphamide has been used successfully concurrently with other drugs, including other cytotoxic drugs.
  • The Cyclophosphamide therapy, which is responsible for causing a marked and persistent inhibition of the cholinesterase activity, potentiates the effect of succinylcholine chloride.
  • In case a patient has been treated with cyclophosphamide within the ten days of general anesthesia, the respective anesthesiologist needs to be alerted.

Commonly asked questions:

Cyclophosphamide is a synthetic antineoplastic (chemotherapy) drug.

  • Cycloxan 500mg Injection (Cadila Healthcare Ltd)
  • Chophos 500mg Injection (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd) 
  • Phosmid 500mg Injection (Neon Laboratories Ltd) 
  • Cyclocel 500Mg Injection (Celon Laboratories Ltd)

The active ingredient in the medicine is Cyclophosphamide, and the inactive ingredient is mannitol.

Cyclophosphamide specifically belongs to the class of drugs named alkylating agents.

The recommended dose of cyclophosphamide injection should be administered by injection into a vein.

Falls under the alkylating agent and nitrogen mustard family of drugs, cyclophosphamide believed to work in order to interfere with the duplication of the DNA and creation of RNA.

  • Malignant lymphomas
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Lymphocytic lymphoma (nodular or diffuse)
  • Mixed-cell type lymphoma
  • Histiocytic lymphoma
  • Burkitt’s lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Leukemias
  • Mycosis fungoides (advanced disease)
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Adenocarcinoma of the ovary
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Carcinoma of the breast
  • Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome in Pediatric Patients

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Store the medicine at a temperature or below 25°C (77°F).


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