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Generic Medicine Exporter in India: IKRIS Pharma

  • May 14, 2023
  • 2 mins read

India is a well-known contributor to the global pharmaceutical industry. The country has been supplying all kinds of medicinal products worldwide. As per available sources, India is the largest pharmaceutical industry that contributes to pharma exports to supply generic medicines to several countries around the world.

Generic medicines are copies of their original medicines for a specific illness or disease which tend to cost comparatively less than original (branded) medicines.

Generic Medicine Exporter:

As per data, the medicine exports from India are greatly dominated by generic medicines. These generic medicines are manufactured by the top manufacturers in India and constitute roughly 70 percent of the global market. Furthermore, the country is an extensive exporter of generic medicinal products making up 22 percent of the overall export volume.

The reason why India is the largest generic medicine exporter is that the manufacturing cost of generic drugs is comparatively low in India than in any other country across the world. India extensively supplies generic medicines to the UK, South Africa, the USA, Russia, and Nigeria.

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