Human Albumin

  • Generic Brand Name - Albucel 20
  • Innovator Brand Name - Albuminex
  • API - Human Albumin
  • Strength - 100 ml
  • Manufacturer Name - Intas

What is Human Albumin and what it is used for:

Human Albumin is used for the treatment of adults and children:

  • Hypovolemia
  • Ascites 
  • Hypoalbuminemia including from burns  
  • Acute Nephrosis 
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Cardiopulmonary Bypass

The recommended dose of human albumin should always be administered into a vein or diluted in 0.9% sodium chloride. It will usually be administered in the hospital by a healthcare professional. The amount of dose you receive depends on your size, the illness, and on fluid/protein losses.

Albumin side effects

Most common adverse reactions include rash, increased heart rate, rigors, decreased BP, pyrexia, vomiting, feeling cold (chills), nausea, and bronchospasm.

Warnings And Precautions
  • The human albumin 20 100ml is contraindicated in patients with the hypersensitivity to it or any of the excipients.
  • The human albumin 20 should not be used in patients with severe anemia or cardiac failure with normal/increased intravascular volume.
  • Patients taking treatment with human albumin 20 should be assessed for the arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure, pulse rate, pulmonary artery occlusion pressure, urine output, electrolytes and hemoglobin.
  • Never mix albumin 20 100ml with blood components, blood, alcoholic solutions, protein hydrolysates or other medicinal products.
  • The use of inj human albumin 20 can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect fertility. Talk to your doctor before starting treatment with this medicine.
How Supplied/Storage and Handling:

Care should be exercised in the handling of ALBUMIN. ALBUMIN Injections should not be opened or broken. Store 2°C to 25°C (36°F to 77°F). Human Albumin should be stored in the original container in order to protect from the light.

Drug interaction of human albumin

Avoid mixing Human Albumin 5% with blood components, blood, protein hydrolysates, alcoholic solutions, or other medicinal products. Although it is not usually necessary to dilute this medication, if it should be necessary, it may be diluted with 0.9% saline or 5% dextrose. However, it can be used, via a separate IV line, concomitantly with other parenteral.

Commonly asked questions:

Hypovolemia is a state of abnormally low extracellular fluid in the body. It is also known as volume depletion or volume contraction. Hypovolemia could be due to either a loss of both salt and water or a decrease in blood volume.

Human Albumin specifically belongs to the class of drugs named plasma expanders.

It is prepared from the pooled plasma of donors. Donated plasma is tested and treated to reduce the risk of transmitting infections and diseases.

Rash, decreased BP, increased heart rate, pyrexia, feeling cold (chills), nausea, vomiting, and bronchospasm

The recommended dose of inj albumin 100 ml should be administered by injection into a vein through an IV. 

The medicinal albumin is made up of plasma proteins from the human blood. It works in order to increase the plasma volume or levels of albumin in the blood.

The average wholesale human albumin 20 price in India for the intravenous solution 5% is around 2,736 INR for a supply of 100 milliliters. 

Note:- This is an estimated price don’t rely on that.

You can buy Human Albumin from any authorized whole-seller after getting a prescription from a qualified doctor. It is always better to check the credential of the whole-seller/supplier/exporter before buying the product.

The buyer should check the existing law in their home country before importing the product. 

Patients can simply fill the order form or can send mail at Patient can also send WhatsApp message to +91 8130290915. We will reply ASAP with the details of Human Albumin and procedure.

Note:- The order will be confirmed only after the receipt of Valid prescription of Clinician. 

Store the medicine at temperature 2°C to 25°C (36°F to 77°F).


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