Brazil Health sector

Ikris Pharmaceutical in Brazil Health sector

  • October 20, 2021
  • 2 mins read

We, Ikris Pharma Network are International pharmaceutical distributors from India. We supply products to all the people involved in the supply chain of Healthcare distribution throughout the world. We supply medicines and other medical products to wholesalers, distributors, resellers, clinics, NGOs and Pharmacies. Ikris is a GDP certified company having licenses for both wholesale and retail drugs. The supply chain of Healthcare distribution is different from other industries. Each product needs different storage conditions. We do not compromise with the quality of the product hence we store and transport them under required storage conditions.

In the Brazil Health sector, Ikris Pharma Network is reaching new heights in supplying medicines and medical aids from India to Brazil from the previous two years. Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, Ikris Pharma gave its best shot to supply medicines and services in Brazil when most of the transportation facilities were at halt. Being the international pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor we supply at global level with the best quality products. India is one of the largest providers of generic drugs at global level. We have the highest number of FDA approved manufacturing plants in the world. As Ikris Pharma, we specialize in exporting generic medicines from India to across the world. Our all products are manufactured by certified and reputed Indian manufacturers, compatible and consistent with FDA standards.

Ikris Pharma helps patients / Clinicians and Hospitals in accessing Indian generic medicine and specialized medicines which are used in rare diseases. Ikris Pharma has supplied more than 100+ products to patients / Hospitals in Brazil. Here are some of our products supplied in Brazil:

BCG for ImmunotherapyLopinavir RitonavirImatinibMelphalanLenalidomideRituximab
DactinomycinAmbisomeRifaximincisatracurium besylatePolymyxin BBortezomib
BleomycinPazopanibTrabectedinhuman normal immunoglobulinEltrombopagRifaximin
PalbociclibArsenic TrioxideThiotepaTetrabenazineASPARAGINASERibavirin
PomalidomideMitomycinTrientineRegorafenibAbirateroneENOXAPARIN SODIUM

We deal in numerous medicines related to oncology (different kinds of cancers), hematology (leukemia and lymphoma, multiple myeloma), hepatitis (hepatitis B, hepatitis C), immunotherapy (eliglustat, xeljanz, etc.), transplant medicine, vaccines (such as cholera vaccine, ONCO BCG, etc.). We are aiming to supply every kind of rare medicine in Brazil.

We are becoming a major pharmaceutical supplier in Brazil, with time we are aiming to become the most reliable and trustworthy supplier of pharmaceutical products to Brazil and other Latin American markets. We understand the needs of the patient, our turnaround time is less. We supply medicine at the shortest possible time. And we do business with one mantra that is each life counts and is precious for us. We have been in this Pharmaceutical business for 25 plus years as one of the trusted brands in the supply chain of medicinal products overseas.