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Importance of Cold Chain Supply: Pharmaceutical Industry

  • February 26, 2023
  • 2 mins read

The cold chain is a set of rules and procedures that ensure the proper storage and distribution of vaccines to health services from the national to the local level. The cold chain is interconnected with refrigeration equipment that allows vaccines to be stored at recommended temperatures to maintain their potency. The supply chain is the distribution of drugs/ vaccines and other immunization program inputs that follow a schedule of shipments established to ensure that each health facility receives its vaccines and inputs at the right time, in the right amount, in the right conditions and temperatures. This makes it an important procedure. 

Why is that so important?

  • Delivering vaccines to all corners of the world is a complex undertaking. It takes a chain of precisely coordinated events in temperature-controlled environments to store, manage and transport these life-saving products. 
  • Vaccines must be continuously stored in a limited temperature range – from the time they are manufactured until the moment of vaccination. This is because temperatures that are too high or too low can cause the vaccine to lose its potency 
  • The requirement of cold storage is from the API industry i.e. for storage of raw material to finished goods and also Injectable/Vaccine manufacturing companies for storage of intermediate/ finished goods.
  • UNICEF procured almost US$205 million worth of cold chain equipment and services in 2021.

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