Named patient program

Importance of Named Patient Program: India

  • March 30, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Healthcare, including diagnosis, treatment, and medication, is integral to public health and wellness. According to a survey, people spend about 5,96,440 crore (3.2% of GDP and ₹4,470 per capita) on health per year. Current health expenditure is Rs. 5,40,246 crore (90.6% of total health expenditure), and capital expenditure is Rs. 56,194 crores (9.4 percent). With time the government sector has improved at an accelerating rate with respect to serving people with the best treatment. The private sector has also played a significant role in providing those treatments which are either already in India or globally sourced. Here comes the term Named Patient Program (N.P.P), basically sourcing medications and treatments globally when those are not available in the native country.

With the internet revolution, doctors and patients have become more familiar with ‘n’ the number of new potent drugs discovered. With the emergence of new regulations and simplification of the approval process, it is now possible for a patient in India to source globally. It is only possible with the help of the Named Patient Program. This program enables the care provider to choose the best solution for a patient. Hence, it becomes more important in India as with the help of this program; the user can get access to drugs approved but not yet available in India or approved and available in another country but not approved and available in India. Drugs discontinued in India but available in another country or in short supply here but available elsewhere can also be obtained with this program’s help following certain protocols. 

We, Ikris Pharma Network, facilitate Named Patient Program in India. We are among the solutions for the problem faced by healthcare professionals in treating patients who need a life-saving drug that is not locally available to them. We are a generic and innovative drug-supplying pharmaceutical company providing medicines under the Patient Program/Manage Access Program. We can help you to get a drug that you are in need of with respective protocols and to help to save lives.


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