Named patient program

Named Patient Program (NPP): An Exceptional Importation Regimes of Pharmaceuticals

  • July 22, 2022
  • 2 mins read

Named Patient Program (NPP); an Exceptional Importation Regime of Pharmaceuticals that provides controlled access to drugs in response to requests by health specialists on behalf of specific, or “Named,” patients when those drugs are not licensed in the patient’s native country. Use of an investigational medicinal product or medicine in clinical development by a patient can be done in conjunction with a clinical trial, or if this is not possible, medicines can be received by a patient with the help of an authorized “Named-Patient” or “Expanded Access” mechanism. Whilst terminology for the different mechanisms around the globe fluctuates, they all have one thing in common; they provide access to medicinal products outside the framework of a clinical trial, and when a Marketing Authorisation (MA) is not in place.

Healthcare specialists can be faced with the challenge of trying to treat patients who need a life-saving drug that is not locally available to them. The life-saving drug may not be launched in their territory, be discontinued, or is simply in short supply. In these instances, health specialists need to source and dispense patient-specific, difficult-to-obtain treatment (often referred to as Named Patient Medicines), often on an urgent basis.

Ikris Pharma Network has the expertise and infrastructure to source these life-saving named patient medicines from all over the globe, and get them speedily and safely to the patients that need them in the Patient Access Program. 

Access to international commercial databases and in-house bespoke IT systems, strong and deep links to one of the industry’s top-most pharmaceutical supply chains, all combined makes us perfectly balanced to assist health specialists worldwide.

A specific reputation at the international level that we built for Named Patient Medicine supply solicits frequent approaches from pharmaceutical companies looking for an established company to co-ordinate Named Patient Program supply for their products. We are focused on and deal with each partnership on a unique basis, either implementing a Controlled Patient Access Program or managing cross-border logistics to individual patients.

As a patient, you may find yourself in a bit of a frightening position if you have a serious condition or illness and the treatment you’re looking for is not available in your home country. It is possible that the life-saving medications are available outside your native country and if your health specialist decides that these emergency drugs/life-saving drugs would be suitable for the treatment of your illness, they then face the obstacles of obtaining them for you. 

We help health specialists across the world access drugs which are not authorized/approved or licensed in their country but may be required to meet the special needs of an individual patient. The service we provide not only locates and supplies the much-needed medications but ensures that the health specialist has all the quality assurance and supporting clinical information they will need to precisely prescribe it to you.

If you are confronted with a situation where a life-saving medicine is not available to you, talk to your healthcare specialist about the Named Patient Program (NPP) and ask them to contact us. We will then work directly with your health specialist to help them in the Patient Access Program and figure out what options are available.


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