Quality standards

Quality Standard

  • January 28, 2021
  • < 1 min read

Quality Management System is an essential part of IKRIS operation. We take special care to ensure that our customer receive

  1. Genuine medicine &
  2. All medicines are handled appropriately even during transit

Our key principles 

Quality and Safety

  • IKRIS procure medicines from authorized suppliers only.
  • Ikris deals in marketed and registered products across the globe.
  • We have validated process to check damage, tempering, and inappropriate handling of products before they are taken into our system.
  • All the goods are stored as per temperature specific requirements. We do not deal in narcotics product.
  • Storage of medicines: Separate storage place for Ambient (15-25 degree Celcius) temperature & Fridge line (2-8 degree Celcius) products, Clean surface, comfortable environment, and Expiry goods control is practiced.
  • We have a process to validate all our suppliers as per GDP norms, and products are sourced from the approved suppliers list only.
  • While exporting products we make sure that all regulatory requirements of that country are followed.
  • We regularly audit our warehouse and process from an external agency

We offer

  • As a last resort and assuming to do so is legally acceptable in your country, we may also source products from WHO-approved suppliers or US FDA Approved Suppliers.
  • This flexibility can be crucial when assisting healthcare professionals in expanding economies, functioning with Public Hospital Tenders or to alleviate shortages.
  • If any product is pursued by a WHO-approved supplier, the company promises to be transparent about the product.