Rare Disease

Rare Disease Medicines: India

  • March 14, 2023
  • 2 mins read

What are rare diseases?

A rare disease is a disease that affects a small population of the world or few people are being affected by the disease. There is no particular definition of what a rare disease is but as the name signifies a disease whose rarity means there is a lack of a market large enough to gain support and resources for discovering treatments for it. 

According to the National Policy of Treatment of Rare Disease, If we apply the international estimate of 6% to 8% of the population being affected by rare diseases in India, we have between 72 to 96 million people affected by rare diseases in the country, which is a prominent number. It is found that most rare diseases are genetic.

Globally as well as in India, rare diseases pose a major and significant threat to public health as there is not much knowledge about the same available. The field of rare diseases is itself complex, less known, and continuously evolving with respect to public health and scientific knowledge. There are many measures taken under NPRD by the government of India to spread awareness and make things known about the disease, diagnosis, and its treatment.

The government of India appointed high-level committees to make recommendations towards the formulation of a ‘Policy on treatment of Rare Diseases’. The committees made several recommendations, which have been incorporated into this Policy. The Policy highlights many measures taken under NPRD  to spread awareness and make things known about the disease, diagnosis, and treatment. 

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