We as Ikris Pharma Network supply products to all the people involved in supply chain of Healthcare distribution. This include wholesalers, distributors, resellers, clinics, NGOs, Pharmacies. Ikris is GDP certified company having both wholesale and retail drug license. The supply chain of Healthcare distribution is different from other industries. Every product has to be kept in different storage conditions. The quality of the product gets compromised if the product is not stored in the required conditions.

We help resellers to provide facilities of:

Contract manufacturing / Private Label Manufacturing

Ikris Pharma Network offers contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. We can offer Private Label Solution to take care of your requirement. India is hub for providing services related to Contract manufacturing. This is one of the most important pharma services that any pharmaceutical company needs. The contract manufacturing pharma services provided by Ikris Pharma Network include manufacturing of Ayurveda, Herbal and generic medicines with various approved quality levels.

India Generic/Branded Medicine

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. Ikris Pharma Network specializes in the export of Indian generic medicines from India. We have been exporting Generic medicines to more than 100+ countries worldwide. All the products are manufactured by major reputed Indian manufacturers who are compatible and consistent with FDA standards. Generic medicines are generally economical than originator equivalents. The difference in the price of Innovator and generic product could vary from 30-80%. USA, South Africa, Russia, UK, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia and the European.

Hospital and Government Medical Supplies

Ikris Pharma Network is a pioneering company particularly in hospital supplies and medical supplies. We are trusted drugs exporters from India. We also have EUGMP approved warehouse in Belgium. We follow 100% legally approved protocols for supplying medicines to patients/Institutions/Customers from various countries. The entire process is very stringent & it involves securing clearance from Drug Authorities at Indian Customs.