Swati Spentose

Ikris Pharma Network and Swati Spentose has strategic alliance to distribute their premier product Comfora which is approved for treating Interstitial Cystitis (IC) under named patient import for the patients in Belgium, Middles East (except UAE & Kuwait) and African countries. Patients from above mentioned countries can directly contact Ikris for Comfora.


Comfora contains pentosan polysulphate sodium (PPS) which is a semisynthetic sulphated polysaccharide. PPS is indicated in IC for relief of bladder pain or discomfort.

• Studies evaluating the pathophysiology of IC and properties of pentosan polysulphate offer a scientific basis for using pentosan polysulphate to treat IC.

• Favourable assessments of the drug by patient and investigator evaluations have been seen in randomised, double-blind studies of pentosan polysulphate in the treatment of IC

• Significant improvement in most variables in IC patients randomised to oral pentosan polysulphate has been observed

• Studies have also shown that a longer duration of treatment with pentosan polysulphate results in greater improvements in patients’ response rates and outcomes. Therefore, the treatment should be of 6 months’ or longer duration

• As per the recommendations, the dose of pentosane polysulphate is 300 mg/day taken as one 100mg capsule orally three times daily. The capsules should be taken with water at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after the meals.


For more information download product monograph and visit website http://www.comfora.in/






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