Temperature controlled shipment

Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Logistics

  • July 28, 2021
  • < 1 min read

Temperature controlled logistics specializes in the storage, preservation and transportation of cargo that is absolutely sensitive to atmospheric conditions and needs to maintain a certain specific temperature. This is imperative for several pharmaceutical products, as spoiled medications can have serious consequences on the health as well as wellbeing.

The elevated temperatures or sub-zero temperatures can be responsible for affecting the chemical stability of the medication and may even alter a drug’s physical properties. 

Because of the implications of improperly stored medications, the demand of regulators has become a bit more stringent and pharmaceutical companies need to be able to prove that their products are transported via a temperature-controlled supply chain.

We as Ikris Pharma Network supply products to all the individuals involved in the supply chain of Healthcare distribution. This includes wholesalers, distributors, Pharmacies, clinics, resellers, NGOs. Ikris, a GDP certified company having wholesale as well as retail drug licenses. Healthcare distribution’s supply chain is differ from other industries. Every single product has to be placed in absolutely different storage conditions. The product’s quality could get compromised in case the product is not stored in the needed standard conditions. We have partnered with leading logistics and courier partners which allow us to efficiently deliver your product on time.

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